No mountable file systems

How can you tackle the data loss situation in Mac OS?

Are you facing ‘no mountable file system’ error on your Mac?

In Mac OS X and other UNIX-based operating systems, your vulnerable data are safe by creating DMG file. DMG (Disk Mounted Graphics) files are those files which are created by the disk utility of Mac’s OS with extension ‘.dmg’. These files are actually like an image of the complete contents of hard drive. This disk image can be created through DD command. By this command line tool you can create bit-by-bit image of entire hard drive on the desired storage media. You can mount the disk image and easily access the data from it. However in some cases you can not mount or access the stored data. In this way you need a Mac Data Recovery to get your all data.

The disk image is like as a back up of your all Mac data. Disk image help you get out of trouble, even if the drive is physically damaged. It is also possible to restore the backup data after creating the image of damaged or inaccessible hard drive. But in some critical cases you may fail to mount the DMG files and an error “No mountable file system” will be displayed on the screen. In such cases you can not access the data from the DMG file also.

These such problems occurs when the OS can not find the system in proper format, either it is damaged or corrupted or other file system components could not be found for mounting. Due to this problem you may loss your vulnerable data. In order to resolve this data loss situation you will have to use mac data recovery software.

Mac Data Recovery Software is available to solve your all data loss problem. The application of this software is specially designed to carry out in-depth scan of entire hard drive and extract your all lost and missing data. It also allows you access data from it. This Mac Data Recovery software has simple and easy graphical user interface that ensure your data in all data loss situation. | Free Scan| About Us || Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer Copyright Disclaimer - Mac is Registered product and trademark of Apple corp. We at are not sponsored by any means by Apple and its office / apple products neither we are making any represantation of Apple.