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Question: How to Mount dmg Macdrive ?

Yesterday I had purchased brand new Seagate external hard drive having USB 2.0 and Firewire cables. When I connect that drive to my MacBook system it suddenly crashes and display a message to force a restart. I restart the system with hard drive attached to it but again I get the similar problem with an error message volume not recognized.

I am not getting the exact cause why this message appears. Is there any problem with my hard drive? Would I have to replace it or is there any way to mount dmg Macdrive? If anybody knows how to mount external hard drive to MacBook then please help me.


Don’t worry nothing is wrong with your hard drive and you don’t need to replace it. Most of the times it appears with MAC users that they simply connect their external hard drive to their system but the system is unable to recognize it and display a message that volume not recognized. In such situations you will have to forcefully mount dmg Macdrive. It seems to appear similar type of problem with you so, I would like to suggest you some steps using which you can easily mount the drive.

  • After connecting your hard drive to your MacBook try to mount the dmg drive using Disk Utility tool
  • You can find this tool using finder Window
  • From the Utilities folder of Application section open the Disk Utility tool. Then select the drive and click on Mount button

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