No mountable file system

Question: Unable to Mount CDR Image Due to No Mountable File System Error

I have been using a recording program on my iMAC from few months. It works fine but last night when I was trying to install that recording program on my MacBook it fails to install. When I started to open that file on MacBook I suddenly gets “No Mountable File System” error and I am unable to mount my .cdr image. I am not getting the actual reason behind this error. Few days before I had wiped MacBook is the problem arises due to this reason? If anybody has idea about it then please help me. .


I don’t think that the No Mountable file system error appears due to wiping your MacBook. It doesn’t miss any program that mount CDR image there must be some other reason that give rise to such error. I think that image has been corrupted so try this image again in your iMAC. Is you are having your CDR image on external drive and you have mounted the image from there only. May be copying the image fails to complete so try to copy it again.

Let me tell you one thing that if you have NTFS software installed in your iMAC then removes it because it may create problems. I must remind you that always try to create CDR file using Disk Utility tool it will never create any problem. However in spite of trying all these measures if you are again getting No Mountable File System error then definitely some file is missing or you have got any corrupted file. So use any third party software to repair the corruption.

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