No mountable file system

Question: Unable to Open DMG Files Due to No Mountable File Systems Error

I am experiencing a problem while installing new software to my MAC system. Recently I had downloaded a DMG file from commercial MAC software CSSEdit but when I try to mount that file I am unable to do so. After getting such problem I again download another image from the same corporation and tried to open DMG file but failed.

I had got numerous images and each time when I try to mount those images I received an error message as “No Mountable file systems”. I don’t have much idea about DMG files so I am little bit afraid that is there something major problem with my MAC system. Would I have to reinstall it or is there any way to open DMG files?


Don’t worry; you don’t need to reinstall your MAC OS nothing is wrong with your system. Sometimes MAC users experience No Mountable file systems error when MAC OS unable to get the proper format of file system to mount the image.

As you are saying that you don’t have much idea about DMG files then first of all I would like to tell you something about it. DMG files are disk image files that MAC OS uses to install any type of software. These files contain files, folders, directories and hard disk structure. When you open DMG files it creates virtual disk on desktop that contain information about installation. So, you are unable to install the software when DMG are not mounted.

If you are getting No Mountable file systems error while mounting disk image then it might also happens that your disk image have been corrupted or OS is not getting the proper format of file system. So, to overcome such problem you can try MAC Data Recovery software which can repair the corruption and enable you to mount DMG images. Hence you can use this software to open DMG files.| Free Scan | About Us |Contact Us| Privacy Policy | Disclaimer
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