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Question: Encountered Unmountable Boot Volume MAC Error: What to do?

Yesterday I was reinstalling Windows Vista on my MacBook using Boot Camp utility but all of a sudden I received Unmountable Boot Volume MAC error with a sudden flash of blue screen. After the occurrence of error message the system unable to boot and it also leads to data loss.

I had tried several recovery methods using CHKDSK but unable to fix. What type of error it is and how I should resolve it. If anyone is having similar problems, then please suggest me the ways to sort out the issue. ?


Before suggesting any method to resolve the error I would like to tell you about Boot volume. It is disk partition which holds your operating system. Whenever you encounter Unmountable Boot volume MAC error it indicates that your system is unable to find the working operating system on any of the disk. The operating system is unable to load if the Boot volume remains Unmountable and it also results in irreversible data loss.

This error may appears due to various reasons like corrupt file system, bloated registry, malfunctioning of hardware, virus attack etc. Couple of days before, I am also having the same problem. You can fix the error by using CHKDSK command or reformat the system if your file system has been corrupted.

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